GT 400

Welcome to the GT 400

LAMA CERTIFIED - The first and only single seat ultralight certified to an FAA recognized airworthiness standard.

The GT 400 remains in a class of its own; the undisputed top of the line in single seaters. The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) recognized that behind its simple structure are thousands of hours of development and testing; volumes of manuals, documentation, and drawings; and an immortal "classic" design that flies beautifully.

The GT 400 flies quietly and smoothly. It has great roll response and excellent pitch stability throughout its speed range. You will find that the GT 400 is a responsive and fun plane. With or without flaps, the GT 400 handles crosswinds easily and is capable of the softest landings you'll ever experience in any plane. Touchdowns are smooth with the landing gear suspension absorbing the bumps. On the ground it can taxi in tight circles.